About Us

Robert and Elena are passionate about salsa dancing. They have performed and competed both nationally and internationally in the last 10 years. 

They had this idea of sharing their love for salsa and bringing people together through dance. In 2019, with the support of their friends and community, this came into fruition. Salsa Kumeu was founded. 

In 2020, they had the opportunity to co-organise the very first NorthWest Latin Fiesta. This event allowed to reach out to the rest of West Auckland and start running courses in Hobsonville. Salsa Kumeu then evolved to become NorthWest Salsa. 

"We believe dance is as natural as breathing to every human being. Hence, we lead our students to a personal journey of discovery of reconnecting with the dancer within them that was always there all along. And we haven't met anyone who is willing to learn that we can't teach how to dance, that is a guarantee!"

-Robert and Elena