I have two left feet. Is it possible for me to learn salsa? 

If we get a dollar every time we hear the "two left feet" comment, we would be millionaires. :)  Jokes aside, of course it is possible for you to learn salsa! It is a dance that can be learned by anybody with the right instructions and consistent practice. In our time as dance teachers, we haven't met someone whose willing to learn that we can't teach.

Do I need to have previous dance experience? 

For our Salsa Fundamentals, absolutely not! Our Fundamentals are designed for complete beginners with no past dance experience. Our syllabus is written with the assumption that you are taking on dancing for the first time. However, for our Salsa Progressives, we expect you to have completed our Fundamentals.

Do I need a dance partner to come to the classes?

Not at all. Our classes are designed in a way that everybody dances with everybody. This way, everybody gets to have a go with a partner and gives you the opportunity to meet your course mates as well and make new friends.

What do I wear to the classes?

Please wear comfortable shoes that would allow you to move freely with ease. Strictly no heels for the ladies! As for the clothing, casual or active wear works perfectly. No need to dress up.

Can I come to the classes casually and pay as I go?

We allow students to trial the first class just so they can have a feel on whether it is something they would like to learn. However, going forward, we encourage our students to register for the full course. This is because we follow structured syllabuses and it would be hard for us to teach someone who has not learned what was previously taught without disrupting the flow of our classes.

Do we swap partners during the classes?

Salsa by nature is a fun and social dance. Anywhere we go, everyone dances with everyone in salsa, which makes it a very enjoyable dance. Moreover, we have found that rotating partners is the best and the most effective way for our students to learn. So, yes, we do rotate frequently throughout the class. However, if you would like to learn in a more exclusive environment, our Private Lessons might be more suited for you. :)

If I decide to not continue attending the classes, can I get a refund or let a friend attend the rest of the course?

Unfortunately, we have a no refund policy and registrations are non-transferrable.

Any further queries, please email